Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I just wrote an email for 30 minutes and it was erased :( So... I will try to remember everything that I wrote but I don't have much time.

So this Thursday I am singing at an International Relation's Church meeting that will be held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They are having a guest speaker who is a Jewish Rabbi. I am singing Consider the Lillies. So... keep me in your prayer's that day, that the Spirit will be able to touch his heart! I am nervous but excited for this great opportunity!

Last night we had a mission party and watched Mulan and The Best Two Year's, it was soooo good and fun to be with all the sisters (155 of us) and just to relax. I think I was laughing more at all of the funny sister's comments and reactions then I was at the movies! hah!

We have transfer's next week, I cannot believe how quickly this transfer went by and how much I was able to learn! I am so grateful for my companion and how humble patient and sweet she is with me. I am soooo far from perfect but we were able to learn a lot from each other. So we will see next week what the changes will be.

I gave my own copy of the Book of Mormon that I carry around everywhere away yesterday. I gave it to a man named Steven. As I was talking to him my heart was touched by how humble he was and how the Lord was preparing him to hear about the Gospel. He doesn't have a home address or phone number so no way of getting at in touch with the missionaries right now. After sharing my testimony with him I felt very prompted to give him my Book of Mormon which I have been marking for the last two months. I pray that it will help him and that things I have written in there will be a guide for him until he can get in touch with missionaries! He was amazing!

I met a girl on Sunday her name is Abby Barth and she went to China last semester with the same program I went with. She actually went to the same school I went to in Changzhou! I just cried as she updated me on all the kid's that I taught and the experiences that she had while there. She told me that they still talk about me all the time as I was the first Head Teacher at the school. She said they still insist in doing thing's the way the "Carly Said"! haha I just laughed and it made me so happy to see that I had made a difference at that school! This was such a tender mercy from the Lord for me to meet Abby and to be reminded of that wonderful experience I was able to have! Oh and just a few minutes after this I met the cutest couple from China.... oh perfect :)

I have been working on memorizing the Living Christ for the last few week's. I cannot even begin to explain what a wonderful experience that this has been for me. It has fortified my testimony of the Savior and has given me word's to say when my mind seem's to go blank. That document was so inspired and is meant to be used be the member's to strengthen our testimonies and to share what we believe about the Savior! One of my favorite lines is, "His was a great vicarious gift in behalf of all who would ever live upon the earth... God be thanked for the matchless gift of his Divine Son." So powerful! I encourage everyone to read it, study it, and perhaps... memorize it :) common if I can do it, anyone can!! Who doesn't want more blessing's?

I am so grateful for my mission, every single day I realize what a privilege it is for me to serve here. I am even more grateful that the Lord is willing to teach me in so many way's. I have found myself sharing with member's a lot lately that the Lord loves them so much and know's them exactly. He know's where we are in life and where we needs to be. He is so willing to take whatever path we are on an make it straight, no matter what has happened in the past. I hope you all realize how much the Lord loves you and know's you! We all have trials, make mistakes, and have hard times, but that is the beauty of the Atonement. Christ already suffered for us so we must turn to him. We have to humble ourselves over and over again and realize that we cannot be fully successful or happy without his mercy and grace.

I love the Savior! I love sharing my testimony with the World every day! It is amazing as I share that sometimes I say thing's that I haven't ever said or really known before, I know that that is the power of the spirit. We all have this power inside of us, if we will listen!

I have more stories but I will save them for next week! I love you all so much! I really appreciate the letter's and love that you send me, I couldn't ask for better friends and family!

Loves- Sister Porter

Alma 13:28-29 :)

oh and my favorite thing that my companion shared this week was.. "I know as you read Book of Mormon your faith will begin smiling". So wonderful!

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  1. Love, love, love to read Carly's letters. She's such a special girl and a great missionary. Alex got home from Brazil a week ago. We've had such a wonderful week with him. He reported his mission in Groves ward Sunday morning and then in our new ward in Queen Creek Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful to hear his stories and feel his spirit. I hope it will last for a while, that missionary spirit!