Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And she's off!

So off she goes! We left this morning at 5:45 to take Carly to the airport. As you can imagine she was so so excited! I'm not sure she slept much. It was beautiful outside and smooth sailing on our way there. To our surprise (I'm not sure why we were surprised :) there were about 8-9 other Elder's hugging parents and siblings waiting and ready to walk past that line of security. Carly was the only Sister. Included in those Elder's was our very own M.J. Robert's one of Tara's best friends since Junior High! Carly and MJ planned on sitting next to each other on the plane which only made the trip that much more fun.
Carly's cute "China girls" as she calls them - picked her up at the airport in Salt Lake and had fun visiting with them before two of them drove her down to Provo, where she met up with her best friends ever - Emily Freeman and Clarissa (Ferrin) Ragar who had lunch with her and then did the curb drop-off at the MTC! I was pretty jealous that they got to be the ones - but what a fun day for Carly seeing all of those girls who she loves the most! I got word from Emily that she made it safely into the MTC with a smile plastered across her face! You are going to be an awesome missionary Carly!

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  1. I was so hoping you would post today!! She's off and on her way to such an adventure. Hope you are holding together. I admit, the first few days were really difficult for me. Over time it has been better, but the tears sneak up on me every once in awhile. Once I heard how happy Shauna was the tears began to dry up. Hang in there. I know Carly will love the MTC and the entire mission experience. She looks so happy. We will have to get together soon for lunch and compare notes on our missionaries!! Maybe this will get us together...