Friday, November 13, 2009

Love T.S. - Nov. 9

Hi family!It was so good to hear from everyone this week! It sounds like life if beautiful and wonderful at home. I am glad that Denver and Camilla made it back safely and are as happy as ever! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! Love you both so much! Ummm please send a picture of you two and the ring! I didn't even get a description or anything.. come on! :)

This last week on the Square was wonderful. I am continuing to learn many wonderful new things. I have been really practicing my FAITH. Sometimes in our schedule we will be assigned to one location alllll day long, like the Tabernacle. It is hard because we see people walking all over the square but we need to do our part and be obediant to our assignments. So we are learning to have faith that no matter what our schedule is, that the Lord's hand is in it.

Yesterday I was in the Tabernacle all day long. It was incredible. I talked with so many people. We invited around 75 guests and members. I LOVE using the history and the facts about the early members of the church to help people understand that we need that same dedication in our lives today. Everyone needs faith no matter back ground or circumstance. We all need something to work for and strive for. That is how we can grow and progress!

I love getting to know people and trying to discern through the spirit in my very short time with them, what it is I can help them with. I especially like talking with less active members. I think it is really challenging to figure out what to share with them, I love it.

Last Wednesday we had a mission meeting at 7 AM in front of the Christus. It was one of the most incredible meetings I have ever been to. We were able to listen to our Mission Presidency counsel us and help us better understand our purpose. We were all in tears as our mission president bore his testimony of the Savior and all that he suffered. He said that whenever we complain about being tired or hungry or sad that his response is... SO WHAT! Then he asked if the Savior complained when he was mocked? Or when he bled from every pore? Or when he was nailed to a cross? It really really hit me how serious that is. It breaks my heart when I testify this to people and they don't understand or feel that they need Christ in their life. But I KNOW that we need him in our lives. He should be the absolute center of everything, right?

I was studying yesterday about the reasons why many of the Prophets wrote the records. We all know that an overwhelming theme is that their intent was to "persuade others to come unto Christ". The Prophets all were commanded to write, so they wrote. They were commanded to testify, so they did so. It is the same today. As missionaries, or as members of the church, our intent and purpose to bring others unto Christ. In order to do so, we must resemble Christ ourselves. A lot to think about! We have to be like Christ in order to invite others to come unto him. I know I have a long ways to go, but I am going to strive with all my might to become like him! Not only while I am here on my mission, but for the rest of my life.I love you ALL and I hope that you are continuing to live your lives in accordance to the Gospel. Sometimes it can be hard of course! But if it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be worth it. Remember to LEARN from your trials and learn from your mistakes, they will only make you stronger. :)Loves- Sister Porter

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