Friday, November 13, 2009

More from Oct. 26th

This morning we had zone conference and actually went to Heritage park to do a service project :) My district got to shovel out animal poo all morning :) It was really fun! I used the wheel barrel to clean out the pens. It was fun to wear jeans for a change.
OH so a few days ago Sister Kim and I went to Gateway for dinner. I felt SOOOOOO WIERD! They were playing normal music and there were clothes everywhere. I just didn't feel like myself at all. It was a little bit distracting. My comp said that she felt the exact same way her first time getting out, but I guess I will get used to it? As soon as a stepped back onto the Square I felt like I was home. I feel like I am in the safest place in the whole world! Really!
So we are actually aloud to email friends in my mission. Strange huh?
We really work so hard here. I feel like I pass out every night as soon as my head hits the pillow because I am so exhausted. My companion is hillarious! Oh man, the other night I guess I woke up in the middle of the night sat up and started sleep talking. Sister Kim said I was inviting people to come on the tour and then I started trying to talk Korean? haha she was laughing so hard! So... I guess I am working hard to be sleep talking about tours.
Yesterday we had the chance to listen to Music and the Spoken word. It was so good. I LOVE the Mormon Tabernacle choir. We also got to go into the tunnels underneath the square. We saw the library where they keep all of the music and some other really neat things.

Dad thanks for the email! I love you so much! Thank you for being such an amazing dad. There was a women the other day who was really taken aback with the churches teaching that the father is to "preside" over the home. She thinks that women should play an equal role. So I simply described my family and how equally yoked my parents are but that YES my father does preside. I am so grateful for that! Families are wonderful!

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