Friday, May 14, 2010

RCD Fun!! 5/14/10

Well hello everyone!

This week was definitely eventful! On Monday morning we had our outbound meeting and transfer conference. We were all totally shocked when President announced that we wouldn't be sending any sister's outbound (to another state) this transfer. We increased the number of sister's on the Square to 182! Since summer is coming he really wants us to be prepared for all of the people we will have. He said that June usually increases 80% from May.. so we are very excited for that! My new companion is Sister Lautaha from Hawaii. She is my first companion that is not Asian! We have a very unique assignment which is called Referral Center Director's or RCD's. So we will be spending a lot of time in the office and also in the RC every day. We will be responsible for working with the MTC in making sure that everything run's well and also with our mission president and the AP's to try to improve the RC. We have a lot to do! It kind of feels nice to have "tasky" thing's to do for a change. We will have 2-3 hours most day's to spend on the Square to find and teach people. I know that time will be really effective for us since we have so little time on the Square . So.. so far so good. My companion is a lot like me. She is very fast, hard working, and controlling? hahaha if you know what I mean! But I am really enjoying having someone else take the lead so I can learn and follow her. But we really do work great together!

So these last few day's we have been getting organized and working on training some of the newer sister's and some foreign sister's. I have made some specific goals to encourage and lift each sister individually. Being in the call center is NOT the easiest thing because sometimes the people are mean or they don't understand them. They don't have a companion on the phone with them so it is completely on their own shoulders. I sat with a Sister from Armenia today who just doesn't want to call at all. I connected my phone to hers and I made the first call. The call went great and then I turned it over to her and pressed dial. She looked at me and said "Sister! No! I can't do it!" haha then the man answered and she just looked like she was going to cry. I was mouthing to her what to say but she wouldn't talk so I had to take over... so you see that I have a lot of work to do :) There are a few sister's that are similar and there are many that are just so scared. Anyway, I am really excited to work with them and figure out how to encourage them!

So I loved having Mom, Dad, Tara, and Zach come up this week to see me! I loved when mom first walked into the visitor's center and saw me, she was trying to close her umbrella but then she just threw it to the side and ran for me! haha I was just laughing because it was the cutest thing ever! Oh I just love you mom so much! It was so fun to show them all of our offices and introduce them to many of the sister's that I love here. I was so blessed to have the opportunity of going to the temple with Tara for her to receive her endowment's. The spirit was so strong and I just felt so happy to be with her and be a part of this huge step in her life! Of course it will be sad for me to not be there for the wedding, but I got the second best thing :) I'm so grateful that she has someone who can take care of her now.. because I can't anymore! hah. She is amazing though and I am so happy for her and Zach to be together.. so freaking cute. What I loved most about my family coming was sharing with them the reason's why I love this mission. I talk about my family everyday to other people but to finally have some of them here was so special. Mom and Dad are so amazing and it gave me such a boost to continue working and loving all the people. I know that they are proud of me and that their prayer's along with many other's are what give me the strength to keep on going! While with my family I thought of Alma when he saw his brethren for the first time after their mission's in Alma 27 :17, "Now the joy of Ammon was so great even that he was full; yea, he was swallowed up in the joy of his God, even to the exhausting of his strength." No wonder I was so tired!

I love this work and I know that the assignment I have been given will give me new opportunities to learn, grow, and to strengthen all of the sister's around me. I couldn't ask for anything more! I know summer is going to get busy and that it is going to fly by... but I will love every minute of it! Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayer's. I couldn't ask for more.

With Love - Sister Porter

Alma 26: 12 Yea, I know that I am
nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

p.s. James Franco came to the Square this week and I contacted him before realizing who it was.. then when I realized I kept it cool and shared with him a little bit about the church. He later took a tour with 2 of the sisters and he referred for the Book of Mormon! boo ya! In case you are wondering who that is, he is the bad guy on Spider man... best friend/ bad guy. :)

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  1. Hey. I was up in Utah two weeks ago to go to a wedding in Draper, but stayed with family in West Bountiful. Their ward was participating in a ward wide mission for a week and went to temple square for a special tour on a Saturday morning. We had plans to go to the SLC temple that night and I told them I wanted to find a sister I knew from Arizona. They said that a sister from Arizona had sung a solo at their tour that morning and asked me what my friends name was. I told them Sister Porter. She has blonde hair and is GORGEOUS! Then they were like "NO WAY!" That's the girl that sang a solo for us this morning. I was so jealous that they got to see you AND listen to your gorgeous voice! (if it indeed actually was you!) Glad to hear that you got to share that wonderful experience with Tara. I'm so happy for her! Glad all is well in SL.