Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FIND!!!! 1/11/11

So... we are a finding mission! Yes yes yes we are. I am so proud of the sisters in our zone this week who have been finding so diligently on the square and also during our time on the computers. Last night we had an RC pump up hour! I was having crazy flashbacks to last summer when that was what I did all the time. We set up a really neat role play where they each called another sister in the zone and were given scenarios to role play. It really helped. In the next hour of real calling we had 8 people refer... miracles! woo!
We are still teaching wonderful people. Dia is reading the scriptures and praying everyday. She will be going to the LA visitors center soon to meet her local missionaries. We are also now teaching Shanita in Georgia. She has a Book of Mormon she was given a long time ago. I ask her to read Alma 7 a few nights ago. When we called back this morning she was all the way to chapter 10! So impressed with her. We mentioned baptism and she immediately responded.. yes I'm really looking forward to that! She is 31 and has been married for just a few years and she has started to pray and read with her husband also. Amazing. Three of our investigators our now meeting with their local missionaries! Two of them emailed us and shared with us their experiences from going to church for the first time... sweetest thing ever.
We continue to see miracles every day. All of the sisters on the square are doing really well. I have been surprised with the amount of guests that we have been having. When we are on the square finding we usually take tour after tour after tour. Many of the people that come are in town for skiing, usually in Park City. Such wonderful prepared families that are coming. We also have taken some time to train the sisters and that has also been a great experience. This is the last week of the transfer and we are really encouraging them to increase their productivity.. sometimes during this last week of the transfer, numbers decrease which is just so odd! We don't want them to become distracted with all of the coming changes. So we will keep working!!
I love this work... in case you didn't know already :)
-Sister Carly Jo Porter
p.s. My companion and I will be playing and directing the music for a meeting in the Joseph Smith memorial building tonight.. we were told it is for some general authorities :) I get to play prelude for 20 minutes... dream come true. hah!

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