Friday, August 13, 2010

true true true :) 8/13/10

Another wonderful week at Temple Square. We were walking to the Temple this morning at 6:30 AM and it was a little bit cold... I just was thinking no no no summer wasn't long enough!! But it is still beautiful here!

Sister Johnson and I had a wonderful first week together. It was full of organizing, training, motor coaches, and tours on the Square. Last Monday we were in the office all morning and finally made ourselves get some fresh air on the square. The moment we stepped on the square we had a tour with a couple from Rome, Italy their names were Maria and Fabio. Fabio is researching temples because he has been assigned to work on the construction for the temple that will soon be built in Rome! He had just returned from a trip to see the Kiev Ukraine temple! They were so sweet and ready to learn everything that they could. We walked around with them and they felt the spirit so powerfully especially when we were teaching them of authority in front of the Priesthood statues. Not only did they readily accept to learn more but they turned the card over and wrote down three of their friends in Italy who we could call for them! As soon as we finished we ran into a family of 3 from Germany. We asked if we could show them the new display of the temple in the South Visitor Center. We were explaining about the restoration when the mother says, "I can't completely understand English but what I feel you are saying is a German term which means, 'the spirit can move mountains'." I told her that was exactly right! Her 2 children were asking questions and together they asked if the missionaries in Germany could come and meet them to teach them more! Of course!! Okay... I'm not finished. We said bye to that family and were walking around the tabernacle when we met Passion from Georgia. She was on her way out to take the shuttle to the airport and we stopped to talk for a minute. She hadn't visited with any of the sisters yet but she was feeling the spirit of temple square very strongly. My companion and I applied what we had been practicing which was being brief and clear in what we taught. She had many questions about the Book of Mormon and expressed interest in having the missionaries come to teach more. We then took the opportunity to PROMISE BLESSINGS that the missionaries and the message they had could change her life if she would keep her heart open. SO SWEET! All of this happened in the space of about 2 hours and my companion and I were jumping for joy! We knew that the Lord had blessed us and literally handed us these precious people to teach and testify to. So wonderful!!

All of our training sessions this week have gone so well! We have 27 new sisters and we split them into 3 groups for our trainings. We had them in our referral center for a 2 hour block to train them in making phone calls. We tried some new things this transfer which have worked out soooooo well! We trained them and then had them each go to a phone and set it up so they would first be calling each other and role playing exactly what they were taught. We gave them a real life scenario and then had them evaluate afterwards. After a few practices we had them begin making real phone calls to non-members and we saw SO many miracles! I couldn't believe how ready, willing, and excited they were to jump right in and start. I was so impressed and learned so much from them!

So the work is going well. My companion and I get along a little bit too well I think. We have a hard time getting to sleep at night because we just talk about EVERYTHING and just crack each other up. She is hilarious and just as weird if not even weirder than I am!! I know.... not possible right? She is great though and keep me on my feet. We also run the canyon every other morning which is a beautiful 3 mile jog and I LOVE it!

The church is true true true! Love you all!
-Sister Carly Jo Porter

2 Nephi 33:10

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