Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello There!! 7/30/10

Well not much to say this week. My companion and I were doing some office work yesterday morning when I found a whole bunch of referrals that were in our system and had never been sent to the missionaries. HUGE bummer for sure! So I spent a few hours trying to track down addresses and the sisters so we could get the referrals out to the correct mission. I am very grateful though that I was prompted to check the list so that I could find those. Now we will be more aware of it and will have to modify some of our training.

On Tuesday we had a mission activity and went up into the mountains to play games and relax. I realized how long it had been since I had been for a drive when I got sooo car sick while driving up the canyon. It was a beautiful drive though and good to get some fresh air! I have to say though that It was SO STRANGE for me not to be doing missionary work. Of course we had fun but I had to convince myself to just enjoy the time given to us... haha kind of funny. The sisters are so awesome though and it was a good time just to be "us". The best part was the President Holmes was at the center of all the games, including the water balloon fight and hula dancing!!

We had our district meeting a few nights ago and it was centered on the spirit as central to missionary work and really to our lives. The spirit was so strong as we discussed the gifts we can receive from the spirit. In PMG chapter 4 (my favorite chapter) there is a list of scriptures that talk of the spirit. I was going down the list and just was overwhelmed with how much Heavenly Father LOVES us! He has given us a step by step process which if we follow will lead us to becoming like the Savior. BUT we have to look for it and use it. Why would he command us to be perfect if it wasn't possible? It is possible and the SPIRIT is the only way for us to continually be humble and improve. Love it!

I love this work! We have transfer conference on Monday and transfers on Wednesday! I can't believe it! Time is FLYING by. There is a good chance that I could be sent outbound to another state for the next few transfers. Wahh!! If I don't go outbound then most likely I will have a new companion.. so we will see! I have loved serving with sister Lautaha though and would be so blessed if we got to stay together again. So I will serve wherever the Lord wants me to serve!

Love you all! I hope you continually find opportunities to open your mouths and share restored truth. If we don't ever share it how are they supposed to choose to believe it?

Sister Carly Jo Porter

"And as many as would hear their words, unto them they did impart the word of God, without any respect of persons, continually."
(Alma 16:14)

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