Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Week! 2/1/11

Wow, so amazing. These weeks are going by so quickly. I don't know what to think! Well, this week was wonderful also. We are continueing to find very elect people through finding on Temple Square, and in our call center. I am amazed at the endless amount of people that are prepared to hear the message of the restoration. As one of our district leaders put it in our meeting last night, "I'm addicted".. we are addicted to helping others come closer to Christ and I will never stop!
Rebecca and Syam in India are still doing well. It is difficult to teach them because we are unsure if missionaries will be able to contact them. Tears ran down my face as the orphan children sang songs to us a few days ago and each of them introduced themselves. They called us Auntie and my heart was so happy! When Tara, Catie, and I were in India a few years ago the children always called us auntie and it brought back so many wonderful memories. I really pray that the Gospel will find them soon and that they will receive the resources for the orphanage that they desperately need. Kate in Austria is doing well. A few of our conversations have been trying to help her steer away from false information. Satan is really trying to confuse her with anti literature, but she completely agrees with everything that the Book of mormon says. She is meeting with the missionaries today hopefully for the first time! Great! Shanita in Georgia can't get to church because her husband won't allow it. We knelt in prayer with her today as she pleaded with the Lord to soften his heart, that he to can join her at church this Sunday. It was a very powerful lesson. Two of Sister Kaos referrals in Taiwan got baptized this week and one that is in St. George is getting baptized next week! She is so happy! It is so neat that our mission has baptisms now... We are all very happy.
A few nights ago Sister Kao and I had a very moving experience. Every Saturday night we are in the North Visitors Center making sure everything is running ok. We were at the map of Jerusalem when I turned around and saw a man probably in his 50s walking in with a walking stick, I realized he was completely blind. He came to the map and I asked how we could help him and he happily told us he came to see the Christus. We slowly led him up the ramp in the empty visitors center to see the beautiful statue. We sat him down and walked over to play the narration for him. We watched in tears as this humble man looked up at the Christus but couldn't see. I just was so humbled. This man didn't come to see, but to feel the presence of the Savior. I closed my eyes so I too could feel the love that Jesus Christ has for me. We went over to talk to him and found out he had only lost his vision about 14 years ago from a rare disease. His wife had divorced him so he was regularly dating and had just gotten back from a date! He was so positive, and it was as if his condition had no effect at all upon his life. We led him back downstairs and he made his way out to go and catch the bus. I don't know if he knows how many lives he has changed but he definately impacted mine. I am so grateful.
The sisters in our zone our great. They are seeing many miracles and weekly we are bringing more and more people to Christ. Our main concern is their productivity while finding people on Temple Square. They have a very hard time contacting people and creating a normal conversation. In their minds it is difficult to go from the phones and investigators to people that they are just meeting. I just told them to get over it!! These people came to see the Temple and you are going to show them!! It is so much easier then walking down the streets with people all around you in the middle of the city and trying to stop people who will listen... so get over it.. Of course I said it in a very kind and loving way :) Hopefully things go better this week.

Love, Sister Porter

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