Monday, February 28, 2011

Still a missionary!!! 2/26/11

I hate the word trunky... hate it hate it hate it. Why do people assume that your last few weeks you should be trunky? So lame! I am a missionary until the very moment I am released. The senior couples and other missionaries seem to be counting days for us and I just want to throw them out the.... nevermind. I love them, charity and love :) Really though, I think that the word trunky should be band from any missions vocabulary.
That beings said...
Good week! We had so many miracles, I couldn't be more happy. Sister Kao and I LOVE being missionaries. We have been blessed with meeting wonderful people who are truly interested in learning more. Yesterday we took two men from India on a tour. They didn't have any belief in Christ at all so we focused our teaching on Him and how following Christ will bless their families. We feel that we followed the spirit and we left our own agenda behind, that is when the miracles truly do happen!
Last Thursday Jess from Texas came on chat. He told us that he was 62 and that he was not happy with his current religion and was very interested in sitting down with some mormon members. We taught him for just a few minutes and gave him the number for the Bishop. He said he would really like to sit down with him so he can learn everything about what we believe. We sent him the information for church and then we called him Sunday night. Turns out he went to all three meetings and the members just embraced him! He said that the paired him with a young couple who actually lives across the street from him. He was amazed that someone so close to him were members and said they were an answer to his prayers. He was most impressed with all of the families at church. They were so united and he could see how much they loved each other. So he will be learning more from the missionaries and taken care of. Oh so good!
Irma and her husband are doing well. They went to church on Sunday and Irma was excited to tell us that she is halfway through 1st Nephi. She couldn't thank us enough for aiding her through the process (even though she was clearly led to by God), she is just so happy! Her husband is doing well and they are getting baptized next week. Dia our investigator from last transfer is getting baptized this Sunday! We spoke with her yesterday and we could just hear that she was beaming with joy! She is loving all the things she is learning and once again was most impressed by the emphasis on the family, something that she hasn't really known before.
The sisters in the zone are doing great, some of them are still struggling with motivation though. It has become apparent to me that it is directly linked with the gift of agency. We are each free to choose whether to humbly follow counsel, or leave it behind and do it all on our own. When we come to a crossroad we must choose whether to follow God's will, or our own. Too many times we learn from sad experience that our will is usually not the Lords. As members of the church though, we know that our path must lead to Christ. This is actually what my talk was about last Sunday. I spoke about our CTR rings and how really they teach us to remember Him, Jesus Christ. To choose not just a good way, but the way that will lead to Jesus Christ. I then linked it to our missionary work all of the people we come in contact with, don't know what path to take. The path we choose depends upon our destination, but the people we meet don't have a destination!! Anyway, I enjoyed finding scriptures and quotes that remind us of the urgency to "make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth". We also had the privilege of driving to Park City to speak and sing in a ward there, the spirit was so strong! I love Temple Square sisters.
I love being a missionary, I still have a few more days to preach the Gospel! Nothing will stop me! Sister Kao and I really just never think or talk about next week because we both start crying... it is really difficult. So... one more email next Monday... and then bye bye.
LOVE- Sister Carly Jo Porter
p.s. I just cried when I read Jodi's email from Boston! Nikia is getting baptized! I was thinking about her all week and just praying for her. Sister Stevens had wrote me and said she has been MIA for so long. I am so happy! I knew it all along. Best news I have ever heard. So amazing!!! Love you Nikia!

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