Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spirit 2/8/11

Wow, I am so filled right now! We had zone conference these last few days and I feel as Joseph did after he saw the angel Moroni... exhausted!! It was so incredible to listen to our mission president bring the spirit so powerfully once again. It reminded me of my purpose once again and gave me the determination to finish strong! My companion and I taught a class one of the days that was all about setting a keeping goals. I learned so much! I just laughed when we were assigned that topic because it is something that I have struggled with my whole life and am still figuring out. We both are just so excited to apply this divine principle to our lives after our missions. The main thing that I learned was that we must have a vision of what we want to become. When we set a goal we have to have a way to have daily reminders of what we are working towards! We shared the analogy of trying to complete a puzzle without a picture of what you are creating! It is impossible! It also relates to the Savior. We have so many scriptures and stories of his perfect example, these are given to us so we may have a vision of what we could become. BUT if we don't have daily study and prayer then we no doubt will loose sight of that vision and step off of the path. So many awakening moments for me and for many other sisters. Blessing!
Well, more miracles this week. We took a group of 17 people from China on a tour on Sunday. They were actually all relatives so it was extra special. They were so interested an eager to learn, especially about the temple. The just swarmed around the temple display and could not believe it. Oh and my favorite part! One of the men asked Sister Kao to look at her Book of Mormon (in Chinese) and he just takes it and starts reading it. He followed along at the very back of the tour because he couldn't stop reading it. At one point he apologized and said, "I'm sorry, just one more page, I will ask them later about what you said..." hah she just laughed and told him no no you can have it! He was so happy!! He wasn't just skimming, he was reading. My heart was so touched.
Kate in Austria is meeting with the missionaries!! She also went to church this last Sunday and made some good friends! Oh we are sooooooo happy for her. She is excited and she knows that the book of Mormon is true. Also Dustin was another incredible referral who even amid finals has made time to truly read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I sent him a text message the other day and asked, "Dustin, how do you feel as you pray each day to your father in heaven??" He responded, "The most incredible thing ever, I constantly feel the Holy Ghost by my side.. I love it". The spirit!!! It is so real!! All of the sisters have truly incredible stories from people that they are finding and are getting them to church. When we get them to church then they for sure will meet the missionaries and be fellow shipped. Some sisters were teaching a man in Africa in an area that we were unsure had missionaries, they were calling him one last time to apologize and tell him they were sorry but couldn't continue teaching, because the church was not in his area. When they called he told them, "Hey!! I was walking down the street in the village over and I saw to of your elders! We are going to start another church in my area, and I get to help them lead it!" He was so excited. We have felt God answer our prayers in many of these countries where missionaries are very few. Prayer really works! It is so amazing!
I love the Gospel, I love missionary work, and I know that every single person must hear about the message...
.0007% of the world's population are serving as full time missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. ELECT
-Sister Carly Jo Porter

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