Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Changes - 1/12/10

Hi family, friends, everyone I love!
Life here on Temple Square is so wonderful! I had many many changes this last week with a new transfer, new assignment, new apartment, and of course my new sweet companion! You guessed it.... she is straight from Japan! She spent 10 weeks in the MTC learning English and then came straight to Temple Square. I can't decide if she is lucky or not to have me as her trainer... haha. So far we are having a ton of fun together though!
So training is an interesting experience. I have to be very cautious of my example I am setting because she follows everything I do. Training on TMSQ is difficult because there is so much to learn here. We must learn how to represent the church perfectly as we meet many many people here everyday from all over the world. Within a few short minutes we contact, get to know them, discern what the need by the spirit, and meet their needs! There are a lot of skills that we develop on how to teach people here.
So my challenge with my new companion is that she know's very very little English. She understands about 30% of what is going on when talking to people. I will look at her to say something and her face will just be blank. Our first day together we were in a meeting and someone asked her a question and she just started crying because she couldn't find any words to answer. I was so sad for her!!! SO we are having English lesson's 24/7 :) Who knew that my months spent in China teaching would come in handy on my mission! She is learning very quickly though. She is so determined and is constantly learning new words and trying new things.
On Sunday night I had a mini break down. I was feeling a lot of pressure and was just wondering if I was capable of teaching this sweet new sister. Training is a huge responsibility because it set's the tone for the new sister's whole mission. I just want to make sure I teach her well and help her to love her mission! The English barrier has made it very difficult for us to communicate at times. That evening as I prayed I just prayed that Heavenly Father would give to me the strength, love, power, and compassion that I need to accomplish this calling. At this moment I felt such a complete need for my Savior like I never have before. I knew that without him, it would not be possible for me to accomplish what I wanted. I just prayed and prayed that my faith could be strong enough to carry on and be the example I needed to be!!
Well the next day I had some wonderful experiences. Yesterday morning I was studying in Moses 6 about Enoch. When the Lord called Enoch to teach the people and command them to repent Enoch doubted and asked the Lord why he had been chosen. The Lord responded and told him to GO and DO the things he has commanded him! The Lord promised that he would be with him, that he was chosen, and that his mouth would be filled. I know that I am a weak servant of the Lord, but like Enoch i received strength from the Lord that I can do the thing's he has commanded me to do. If I have fear, doubt, or concern, I would not be able to accomplish these things! Yesterday evening we went up to the Christus and began talking with a woman who was sitting and pondering there. I started talking and getting to know her and was having a good conversation. She drives trucks for a living and comes to TMSQ every monday because that is her day off. It is a place that she comes to find peace and refuge. I had the sudden thought to look at my companion so she could talk so I looked at her and the words just spilled out of her mouth. It was the cutest thing ever, AND she had a scripture in mind that she shared with the woman. This same situation happened a few more times yesterday when the spirit prompted me to look at my companion so she could speak, and she was alway's ready with something to say! Miracle!!
My companion is amazing! She is so humble, patient, and loving. Everytime we pray together she alway's say's, "I grateful for my companion Sister Porter, please bless her always". Even though we don't alway's understand each other, we truly do love each other and support each other as missionaries called of God.
I will continue to forget about myself and give everything to her as I try to make her first transfer the best!I love the Lord and that he is kind enough to bless us with tender mercies each day! Remember that FAITH is the opposite of FEAR. When we fear it lower's our abililty to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.
Have a wonderful week!

With Love always- Sister Porter

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