Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little more! Jan. 4, 2010

So I forgot to tell you that we had a talent show on New Year's day! it was so fun and all of the sister's that performed did GREAT! I got to play the piano, of course I played my short and fast Gershwin song and everyone loved it. I guess it was really funny because I just pranced up there and played it so fast then pranced off and they all thought it was just the funniest thing because I made it seem like NO big deal at all, which it wasn't, haha.

Also one quick experience. Yesterday evening we took a father and daughter around and also his sister. We loved visiting with them and sharing with them so much about the Gospel. He especially LOVED hearing about the Book of Mormon and thought it was so amazing. Then when we took them outside and taught about the Temple they all just were so amazed and completely agreed with everything. The daughter is a college student and she loved the Temple and hearing that her family could be together forever, she just said that it makes so much sense. At the end of our time with them ALL 3 referred to learn more once they get back home, they all live in difference states. This is a pretty simple example but it is so so so amazing how the Lord send's people here who are prepared to learn more about the Gospel.

We have 8 Japanese sister's coming here on Wednesday, 2 from India, 1 from Pakistan, 1 from China, 3 from Spain, and about 10 from other countries. The Lord must be preparing people in those countries to come to Temple Square sometime soon. So wonderful! I LOVE this work! Today has been crazy trying to get everything moved. We were in the middle of moving when my companion got a page for a VIP Korean tour. We had to run to the Square to take this tour and there were 2 Ambassador's that came from North Korea. It was amazing! They both loved the tour... NORTH KOREA!! So... it was pretty sweet.

Love you all! Happy 2010!

-Sister CJ Porter
scripture of the week Mormon 9:15-20 - God of Miracles

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