Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Transfer day and fun changes!!! - Jan. 2010

Oh I am freaking out right now! So we had TRANSFERS this morning. Such an exciting morning and all of the sister's are so funny all freaking out when they find out their new assignments and new companions. Some sister's crying and screaming... haha soooooo funny. Sister Kim is going outbound to the Las Vegas, Nevada mission! She is very excited! There are 20 sister's leaving. The biggest news though is that I'M TRAINING! hahaah ya! We are getting new sister's straight from the MTC and I get to train one of them. woo hoo! Sister Katterfeld is training to, so we were freaking out together. It's only my 3rd transfer.... pa haha. I am so excited though to get a new sister. There is one coming from mainland China and a few from Japan... so who knows?

Everything else is going great! I don't have too much time to email because I have to go home and move apartments again back to the old building I was in first. I am so excited for this new transfer and new everything. I am in North Zone now so I get to spend a lot of time in that area which will be great. OH my p-day is now on Tuesday's, so next week I will be emailing on Tuesday, K?It sounds like New Year's was so fun! I am glad that everyone came over and had fun together. Of course you made waffles and had a party... of course.

Oh I miss you guys and home and everything! But, I'm not homesick at all, my mission is so much fun! Oh mom I didn't get the other package yet, probably today I will. But I did get the poster and it is beautiful! It is amazing and it made me cry when I opened it. What a beautiful amazing wonderful family we have! We are so blessed in so many wonderful ways thanks mom dad and tara for the emails! So uplifting and wonderful to hear about the news from home. Tara and Catie on a double date! Whew! that would be a riot... wow I can't believe Catie is dating. Thank you Catie for the letter, I LOVED it so much! You are beautiful and wonderful. Tara I love that you and Zach are dating.. so great so great so great.

John and Brandon Hopkins came to the square yesterday. It was so good to see them, haha I was just laughing when I saw them. they had been looking everywhere for me. John was so funny telling me how I just had the "missionary glow" it was fun to see them!

Sorry this letter is so random, I am just trying to hurry and remember what else I need to say because we have to go. Oh Sister Kim is great mom. We really do LOVe each other so much. I have been very very blessed to have her as my companion, I learned so much from her. OH and my headaches are not too bad. I get them once in a while for a day or 2. I am going to buy more herbs at whole foods today so hopefully they will go away soon.

Love you guys so much!

Thank you in advance for the package and letter, you are the best in the whole world! Tell Rob hi for me and everyone else. I don't have time to write another email for everyone so maybe you can put part of this on the blog? Anyway, have fun in Disneyland. Ride space mountain like 6 times for me.

Loves - Sis. Porter

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