Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jelly beans and Advil

Story time.

Yesterday I had advil liquid pills in one of my pockets because I had been getting headaches so they were there ready for me to take. I had jelly beans in my other pocket... just because. So I'm walking to the Square in the evening and I popped a few jelly beans in my mouth and bit down and POP ... BURST sick acid yucky into my mouth. I just started screaming and freaking out trying to get it out of my mouth. My mouth went numb and my eyes all watery. Sickest thing of my life. Seriously.. don't mix jelly beans and advil.

This last week was wonderful! On Christmas Eve we were able to have a big dinner and then do some service for the Humanitarian center and just enjoy our time together. The mission prepared wonderful gifts for each of the sisters which included really nice books about Temple Squaure and the Tabernacle. That was a pretty big deal to us since our missionary library is so limited.

Christmas day was wonderful! We didn't have to be to the square until noon so I was able to call my family in the morning and visit with all of them. I was very proud of myself for not getting emotional until the very end:) (shee forgot she actually started crying right at first - hahaha) It was so good to talk to everyone and let them know on the phone how much I am learning and growing on my mission! At night we had a wonderful Christmas program and all of the sister's participated. I was the pianist so I had fun arrangeing Christmas Carols and making them sound pretty :) Everyone had a great time, it was a wonderful Christmas! Probably my best so far!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to a family ward nearby. We got there and it turned out that WE were the program for Sacrament meeting! We hadn't planned anything. So the 6 of us each spoke for about 5 minutes about Joseph Smith and missionary work and it turned out to be amazing! The spirit was so strong and we loved sharing out testimonies with them! The ward was very grateful for the time we spent there. It was wonderful!

Everything is going well! Next monday is transfer day so I will find out who my new companion will be and a lot of changes will be happening... very exciting. This mission is always changing.We just came from doing a session in the temple and it was so uplifting. I encourage you all to go to the Temple whenever possible! Don't keep putting it off. It is the house of the Lord and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to go! I know that the Lord could not be happier with us when we give just a small part of our time to him and do service for those who can't do it for themselves! I always feel the presence of those people there with me in the temple... it's magnificent.

love you all- HAPPY NEW YEAR

loves- Sister Carly Jo Porter

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