Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GOLDEN 4/26/10

Okay I am going to try my best to share some of the special experiences that I had this week but it will be difficult to write in word's the feelings which I have felt these last few days.

First off, think about this scripture. "For behold, angels are declaring unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory" (Alma 13:24)

We took many people this week on tour's and every single one of them were prepared for this message. I will share with you a few of the experiences we had on Saturday
#1 We met 2 couples which were both originally from Austria but one was living in Australia at the time and the other in Austria. The women were sister's. They came on the Square and asked for a tour right away, we asked them what they had heard about the church and all they said was that we had practiced plural marriage in the past. Well as we began teaching them and centering our message on Jesus Christ their hearts opened and they were AMAZED. As we walked in front of the temple one of the women started crying and couldn't understand how it was so beautiful and peaceful. They had been raised catholic and as we shared our beliefs it made perfect sense to them. They were so curious about Sister Kim and I, our families, school, why we came on a mission etc.. they were completely in awe. At the end one of them said "I am so touched to see women of such faith, I didn't know such faith existed anymore". She embraced us and said she would happily listen to the missionaries at home.

#2 We met Lauren and Bob in the NVC at the MAP and they also asked to be shown around. Bob quickly explained the he was a member and that Lauren his neighbor was not and they were both from California. Throughout our time I felt that I needed to teach very simply and clearly. Lauren is a mother of 2 in her 20's and just listened intently. As we shared about the Temple she completely agreed and said "of course God would provide a way for our families to be together forever!" When we ended in the Assembly Hall we asked her how she was feeling and she just started to cry and said that she had no idea why she was coming today but now she knew why God brought her here. She is going through many trials in her life and said how she has been searching for answers. Amazing.

#3 A family of members came and found us and told us they were visiting with their grandparents who were from Germany and "not for the church". The father of the family informed us that they had tried for years to teach them about the Gospel but they would never listen. We took their group to the Christus and testified of the Savior and the Grandpa just looked at us and said "wow, that's right!" He didn't want to leave the Christus and move on but we assured him he could come back. Now this German man was loud, obnoxious, stubborn, just crazy! He loved teasing us and asking questions that he knew we wouldn't have an answer too. But his wife felt the spirit so strong. As we explained the restoration and the pattern God has established throughout all of time something clicked in his head. He felt something.. the spirit,... testifying that this is true. After so many years of this family trying to get through to them, they finally felt the spirit. The Grandma said it was a moving experience and wants to learn more, and the Grandpa nodded his head in agreement :)

#4 Gene is an older man from Texas. He was in Utah working on an engineering project. We found him in the North Visitor Center and he had some questions for us. He immediately said "so tell me about your church, I have a Book of Mormon and I know it's true". We just laughed and took him straight downstairs to clearly explain the restoration to him. After teaching for about 15 minutes he just looked at us and said "so you are telling me that you have the truth and people in this world are ignorant enough to deny it!" We shared with him a short clip of Pres. Monson testifying and he just got teary eyed and said that he knew the heaven's were not closed. We sat down with him and invited him to meet with missionaries. He was a little hesitant because he says that he prays every morning and night to do the will of God so why would he need to change churches? I explained if he truly is praying for God's will morning and night, then Heavenly father will tell him if he needs to join this church. He agreed, filled out the card, gave us a hug (wahhhhh), and left. AMAZING!!! He was so incredible. I just saw in him a future stake president :)

#5 Just after we finished visiting with Gene from Texas I look over and see this girl running towards me and all the sudden she was embracing me! I looked to see that it was Camila who I met about 4 months ago and had a visit with. She was struggling with so many problems at the time with school, work, dating, and life. Sister Watanabe and I both felt to share with her about serving a mission. We had testified that I mission would not only change her life but thousands. hah so she came back to temple Square to tell me she has her mission call to serve in the Chicago IL mission!!! My heart was so full and she just thanked me and shared that when she met us, she decided that night to go on a mission. I just told her that we were simply an instrument in the Lord's hands! She will be an amazing missionary! She is from Portugal but living in SLC for school.

All of these experiences happened last Saturday. EVERY non- member that we met on the Square that day was prepared and ready for the Gospel. Now if those aren't miracles then I don't know what is!

Yesterday we had a few more.
- We took a woman on a tour in the morning who was killing some time while her daughter went through the temple to take out her endowment's. The mother was not a member but she had heard a little about the church from her daughter. She was so kind and willing to learn everything. She had seen the blessings that had come into her daughters life (her only child) and was curious most importantly about the temple. I felt the spirit telling me to be very soft and simple with her. So as we walked around she was so touched. Temple Square is BEAUTIFUL right now! With all of the flowers and the weather... just amazing. She would just say "yes that's right, wow, amazing, that's so wonderful!" We ended in the family presentation and invited her to learn from missionaries, she thought for a minute and responded "yes I would gladly welcome them in my home". wahhh I love it!
-We found a mother and daughter in front of the temple just looking and began talking with them. They were both from Australia and taking a road trip across the states. They seemed a little lost so we began taking them around and explaining the history to them. We found out quickly that they were not religious at all, but very kind and open. We focused out teaching on having a purpose in this life and how religion is not a set of laws or regulations, but a way to bring joy and happiness. We ended with them in the auditorium in the conference center and shared with them Alma 26:37, which teaches of the Lord knowing his people in all lands. We testified the even though they didn't know God, that he knew them and has a perfect plan for them. The mother responded "wow, I need to read that book".

In each of these situation's I bet that the angels were just cheering and clapping for us. I could hardly contain my excitement each time as these children of God would agree to listen to missionaries in their homes. Some of them were probably shocked at how eager and excited I was for them!! haha, but I always just imagine how the Savior would invite them to learn more. He would NOT let anyone leave without them knowing how much he loves them and wants them to follow him.

This church is true!

Alma 26:37 Now my brethren, we see that God is
mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.
Love you all!- Sister Carly Jo Porter

p.s. I met David Archuleta yesterday... he came to do baptisms.. pa ha

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