Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's talk about Sunday 4/20/10

When your whole mission is on one block - I guess you have to be creative with your picture taking :) Carly definitely doesn't lack in being creative! And she' so camera shy!! :) Atleast it is one of the most beautiful blocks in the world.

Well I am very happy today as finally my favorite sunshine has arrived! It is officially Spring.. or so we think. I had a wonderful week full of amazing miracles which I would LOVE to share… of course.

First off, let’s talk about Sunday. So our Sacrament meeting in the morning was so uplifting. I felt like I could reach out and just grab the spirit it was so powerful. We walked out on the Square; the sun was shining, beautiful! Well…. We begin contacting people and took a tour right away. Our first tour was with 2 older women who could care less about any of the Gospel they just wanted to find the best place to take a picture! It was interesting. Very kind ladies.. Just a little bit old. There were many members on the Square who we were contacting as well and they were HARD! I was beginning to get frustrated with the members.. I mean seriously who doesn’t know ONE non-member who we can call for them? It wasn’t even that.. they didn’t even really think about it. Hah oh goodness. During the afternoon we took a wonderful tour with an older couple and ended at the Christus statue, we took out the Book of Mormon to share a scripture and invite them and the woman just put’s her hand’s up and says, “oh no no no I have my bible and that is all I need.. Thank you!” then they just kind of walked away. BROKE my heart! We contacted a few more guest’s and had similar experiences... … just not interested. I went into one of the movie room’s and just had to cry. It was really weird because usually I never get discouraged or give up but I really just felt as if I had lost all hope. My companion and I talked our way through it and fell on our knee’s and asked Heavenly Father to forgive us for losing hope and promised we would continue finding. That night during our planning we discussed how we needed to focus more on the key points of the Restoration. We decided that no matter what we HAVE to share the restoration because if people are prepared... they will hear.

Let’s talk about Monday. We always arrive on the Square at 9AM with a few other sister's who are asked to come early. My companion and I walked around the Square and couldn't really find anyone, we decided to walk by West Gate. Right as we walked up 3 people came through and began talking to us. It was a cute older couple along with a man and they were all here on business and they were from Phoenix. We first took them to the Assembly Hall and explained about the History of the pioneer's and how they came to the valley. We also took the opportunity to explain what happens during Sunday meeting's (which is what the Assembly Hall was originally used for). We then took them to the Tabernacle where we shared about the living Prophets and then went into the Apostasy and restoration. They just listened... and after we would share something new we would be silent. The spirit was so strong and the woman just had teary eyes. We then went outside in front of the Temple and explained that because we have authority on the earth we can now have the wonderful blessing of making promises in Holy Temples. Again they just listened... We ended at the Book of Mormon display and explained the importance of making known truths which have been lost for centuries and that this was the evidence the Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. This is when they had some questions so we sat down and clearly answered them for them. We then testified and gave them our guest cards and a minute to fill them out. Both the couple and the man were so touched by the spirit. They each wanted to receive missionaries and the Book of Mormon. It was funny because as we stood up to shake their hands the older man (he was really tall) just leans over and gave us big hugs!! It caught me so off guard! It was such a beautiful experience and the start of an incredible day. Later in the afternoon we met 2 women who were from Spain and were stuck in SLC because of the Volcano in Iceland? They would be here for a week and wanted to learn more. This tour was a similar experience and we had soooo much fun with them! They were cute and just amazed at everything... and of course they wanted to meet missionaries when they got home. This happened 3 more times throughout the day! Including a man from New Hampshire, Poland, and the Czech Republic. I was astonished. At the end of each one my companion and I would just be laughing with joy and keep finding more. Oh and the cutest was a couple the were from Colorado but just moved to Utah. They were both looking for jobs and were so humble. They recently had a baby and had been discussing how they want to raise their daughter, they felt the our faith would be best for her and wanted to learn more... amazing!

I learned so much from both of these experiences. First of all... discouragement is a waste of time, it weakens our faith and fog's the spirit. Sunday night we had to humble ourselves and re-focus on what our purpose was which is sharing the restoration! When we share it simply, boldly, and with love, then it has the opportunity of touching heart's. There are people who are ready and there are people who are not. We just have to share with everyone or we won't know which ones are the elect! We also had Zone Conference last Thursday. WOW it was so incredible! One of our classes was focused on the gathering of Israel and as missionaries we are the fishers. There are a lot of cool analogies that were taught that really helped me to understand how important our job is to find! They also focused on teaching with the Spirit. It is really amazing because as missionaries and as members we know Christ personally, but most people we meet don't. We are the pathway for them to get to Christ, but if we don't bring them closer to Christ then our purpose is not being fulfilled. How can I bring people closer to Jesus Christ? I must know him better! I have decided to study more intently his life, teaching's, miracles, and atonement, as I do this I hope to bring people closer to him.

The sister's in my district are doing so well! The first few weeks of the transfer were rough but now we are all working hard together and improving our teaching skill's, which is what I am focusing on with them. I really hope that I can teach them and that together we can help more people. I know that the Lord will send us more miracles as we prepare ourselves for them.

I love you all. I hope that you can each see the hand of the Lord in your lives every day because it is there! It is just up to us to recognize it... or not :)

Love you! Have a beautiful week.

Alma 26:37 "Now my brethren, we see that God is a
mindful of every bpeople, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen. "


  1. Dear Sister Porter - I have a daughter who is serving in Boise Idaho and ocassionally I read your blog. Thank you for sharing your special experiences on Temple Square. I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your thoughts and experiences and share them with my daughter. It is good for her to be reminded of the work you do as a team of world-wide sisters. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and dedication to serving the Lord and his children. May the Lord continue to bless you -- Sister Musick

  2. Thanks Sis. Musick, I'm sure Carly is thrilled that you can share her message with your daughter. It is a great world-wide effort for sure! Please let you sweet daughter know that we so appreciate her hard work as well. And hopefully she is feeling the great blessings of the mission that Carly feels.
    Have a wonderful day - Sis. Porter (mom)