Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Merry Christmas!! 4/6/10

Besides the 30 degrees weather and snow everywhere... we had a fabulous conference weekend!! Actually what was incredible was that the forecast said snow snow snow all weekend, but the only time it snowed was Saturday all night and of course ALL day yesterday :) But I am so grateful that the weather stayed clear.. freezing, but clear during conference!

So Friday morning we had a mission meeting and our President pumped us up for conference. He encouraged us to completely forget about ourselves and just to contact as many member's as possible. We worked from 8AM to 9PM each day with only 20 minutes breaks for lunch and dinner. The conference center seats 21000 people so you can imagine how busy it was on the square. My companion and I were assigned to the Stand by line so we were pretty much there most of the time talking to all the people that we could. It was so incredible to meet so many faithful member's from the all over the world who had traveled such a distance to attend conference! My favorite part was asking the member's what they learned or gained from conference and really letting them teach me. I was able to hear incredible conversion stories, miracles, and life changing moments for many people. I met families who were so full of love for each other and so united in the Gospel. I was sooo impressed that these member's were so willing to share with us their friends and family who they love dearly and hope to share the Gospel with them. The member's were really really thinking of who they knew!! Miracle!! I was able to testify to member's who are struggling that what they are hearing is just for them, especially when the spirit can speak to them according to their needs and concerns. I LOVED every moment and it was a life changing experience for me.

By Sunday night at 9:00 I couldn't really see or think straight along with the other 160 sister's who were working just as hard. We all met in the Tabernacle to hear about our success from the weekend. Our president shared that we received 4700 names and number's from member's on the square.. in two days!!!! We all just cried and shouted for joy! We will now have the opportunity of calling all of these people and bringing them closer to the Savior. Our President again testified of the Savior and how all of this work was for him and his love for us! We stood in the tabernacle and sang Called to Serve.. this was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have ever had! Then our President told us to sleep in until 9AM!!! Wow- I have never been so happy :)

My companion and I alone were able to receive 115 names and phone number's to call in the RC. That is usually how many we get in a whole transfer.. so we are VERY excited!! Oh and just to follow up with the potentials I received from the BYU group a few week's ago. I have already contaced 12 of them and 10 of them referred to listen to the missionaries! So exciting! My companion is so wonderful. She is happy, positive, and loves to work hard. I am so grateful that I don't have to pull my companions here along with me, but they also want to work hard! She is also still pretty new in the mission so she is very eager to learn from me which I am grateful for.

Yesterday I had a very unique experience. I was asked to do service in the Temple with my district, so we were there for about 4 hours yesterday cleaning :) For about an hour I was in the celestial room all by myself dusting and vacuuming. I was overwhelmed with such an incredibly pure spirit that just touched my heart! As I walked around the room and saw the great detail in the woodwork that the early member's of the church put into the temple, tears just came to my eyes. I can't believe how hard they worked and what a blessing it has been for thousands of people. I just had such a feeling of urgency for more people to experience this joy! I want the whole world to come to the temple so they can see and feel!! I was visiting with one of the worker's in the temple and she was sharing some very spiritual stories and experiences she has had while working there. I'm so grateful for the opportunity! What a privilege to serve in the house of the Lord!

I don't have much more to share. I am just full of joy for this Gospel. Conference always comes at a time when everyone needs some good reminders and insight on how to re-adjust our lives. I am very excited to read all of the talks. My companion and I were able to attend the Saturday afternoon session and it was amazing! I really loved how Elder Holland's talk related to everyone and how he shared it with such love and meekness. He truly showed a Christlike example of how to chasten us with love and care.

The church is true! Now go set some goal's on how you can apply what you learned in conference! It doesn't mean anything if we don't apply it... I will do the same.

loves- Sister Carly Jo Porter

p.s. I had so much fun seeing many people who I knew from home!! It was crazy how many I saw in the midst of 21,000 member's!

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