Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miracles in the RC 4/13/10

So a funny story happened yesterday. My companion and I were walking across the Square and I was focusing on my destination (the north visitor's center) because it was cold and windy and we were walking very quickly. My companion was excitedly saying something in my ear but for some reason I had no idea what she was saying.. a few moment's later a man about 2 feet in front of me turned around and it was Elder L. Tom Perry! I literally jumped back and just said "Oh hi.. elder!" haha he shook our hand's and asked what we were doing out in the cold. I said, "Oh well we are just trying to find people!" haha it was so funny and he just laughed and told us to have a good day. haha my companion was just dieing laughing because it had totally caught me off guard, it had taken me a few moment's to realize who it was! She said my face when bright red.. He is a really big guy! I had no idea how tall he was.. anyway, it was really fun to meet him.

This week of course was amazing. Most of the miracles I saw were in the Referral Center as we began the task of calling our 150 potentials we have to call from conference and the few day's after. It has been incredible as almost every person has answered their phones and many of them wanted to learn more. Sometimes as the phone is ringing I just repeat in my mind "perfect love casteth out fear" because I get very nervous to talk to people. I know that they are the friend's, family, and neighbor's of the faithful member's we met so I want to make sure that I say the right thing. I am so grateful that the spirit calms my mind and I am able to teach, testify, and invite on the phone! Just this morning I spoke with many who wanted to learn more. I always have a prayer in my heart the Heavenly Father will open their mind's and heart's so they will listen to my message. The power of prayer is REAL.

We took a woman from Bermuda on a tour a few day's ago. She had come to Park city for a wedding and then decided to stay an extra day so she could check out SLC. We were visiting with a couple and when we finished we turned around and she literally was right there and asked "what can I see here? is there anything special going on?" hah we were so excited and told her we would LOVE to show her around. She said she was devout catholic so we focused our tour on authority and also God's perfect plan for his children. Of course God would call a living prophet once again to lead his people! About half way through our time together she began asking more question's and I could see the Spirit touching her heart. We ended in the Conference Center, as we took her into the large auditorium she was speechless and tear's filled her eyes. My companion and I both testified to her that this was true and that when the missionaries visited her in Bermuda that their message could change her life if she would open her heart. So cool!

So I am loving the work here. We had our first District meeting yesterday and it went very well. I have wonderful sister's this transfer BUT I have been having a hard time keeping them all happy. It seems that many of them have forgotten that this work is supposed to be cheerful! Some of them have a hard time with their companion's and don't get along too well. It is so strange because each of them are very hard worker's and are here for all the right reason's.. they just tend to forget our purpose here. As their leader I can't even describe how they are constantly on my mind. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping or getting thing's done because I want them to enjoy this work and to find miracles. So I have been trying to do all that I can to encourage them and be the example that they need to see to stay motivated. I know that the Lord has put each of these sister's in my district for specific reason's and I really want to do all I can to teach them, love them, and help them.

There is a scripture that I LOVE that I have been sharing quite often these last few day's. I replace the name with mine (or whomever I am talking to), "And now my daughter, Sister Porter, I would that ye should remember, that as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and ye shall be lifted up at the last day". I find so much strength in this verse as I again remember that I cannot do any of this work on my own. I hope that each of us can find strength in our Savior Jesus Christ. The moment we try to do it on our own, we will be humbled and have to learn from our mistakes. I know that we all make mistakes but I am so grateful that the Lord is there with his arms open waiting for us to run to him. Then, we shall be lifted up at the last day.

Love you all. Have a beautiful week.
-Sister Carly Jo Porter

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