Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work, work, work 6/25/10

CRAZY week here at Temple Square! My new companion is ..... da da da.... Sister Lautaha! hah yes yes we are companions again for this next transfer. I'm not sure how thrilled she was to be with me again (weird little blonde person) but I am thrilled to work with her again! It was super nice because we didn't have to move apartments or readjust or anything. With all the changes in the mission there was a ton of office work to do amid trying to reorganize in the RC. We realized we needed to De "clutter" the RC so we moved some stuff around and simplified everything and it looks GREAT! So.. we are pretty happy. We had to move a table with 2 computers on it from one wall to the other and move some file cabinets. My companion and a few others were moving the files so I went to work with the computers. I guess I did it pretty fast because they were all just dieing laughing because they turned around and I was already connecting cords and finishing up... and had a huge grin on my face.. technician Sister Porter comes out.. hah.

Summer is wonderful here though and it is so amazing to see all of the sisters working so hard and being so selfless. Often sisters are asked to sacrifice a part of their lunches or dinners to take tour with big or small groups and I am always impressed how they never hesitate. We are here to serve our guests and to bring them closer to the Savior, 1st and foremost! We had a meeting with President and he told us that he has 2 goals for this mission 1- To become the most obedient mission in the world, and 2. To become the most hard-working mission in the world. I was so excited because I know that this is the track that we are on and all of the sisters want it, so YESSSSS.

We took a unique group on a tour a few days ago. It was a group of 45 Philippine people from California. We began in the Tabernacle where we shared the History and the Restoration very briefly. As we exited the tabernacle about 15 people walked away from the tour. As we shared about the Temple and the purpose of temples a few more walked away. We ended in the Assembly Hall with about 25 people when we shared about the Book of Mormon and invited them to learn more. Of all those people only 2 of them referred to learn more. At the end we were discussing and actually thought it was very symbolic, because as missionaries we are sifting through the world to find the elect. The people who left obviously were not prepared to feel the spirit at this time. And we wouldn't waste our time trying to convince them. But those who stayed to the end were very receptive and were touched. The 2 who referred were the most important and we were so happy we could find them!! I'm am grateful that we do not hide behind our message using the "history" but we boldy share that Jesus is the Christ and Joseph Smith restored His church! This is not a visitor center mission... it is a PREACH MY GOSPEL MISSION. mmmm hmmm.

I love this Gospel and I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity of sharing it every day. I know that it is a very unique time given to me by the Lord and is changing everything about who I am and what I want to become!

love you all- Have a wonderful week!

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