Monday, June 7, 2010

Urgency 6/4/10

It's finally warm here and I LOVE it! I never ever thought that summer would be here, but it's here! This last week was wonderful. My companion and I have been working on clarity and brevity in our teaching and I think I will transfer that skill to my emailing as well :)

So after noticing some issues the sisters were having with being productive in the RC my companion and I decided that we needed to have a RC Pump Up Day! So yesterday for 7 hours we had hour long shifts when the sister's would come in, we would motivate them and remind them of their purpose, and then they went to work. We saw so many miracles! We gave them little slips of paper so when they were talking they had to figure out how to ask questions.. for example "How does reading the bible bring you closer to Jesus Christ". Or questions like this one, and then bridge it to the restoration. We saw so many miracles! President Holmes stayed the entire time with us to visit with the sisters and also to make some calls. My companion and I were exhausted by the end but it was so worth it! Oh and we get to do it all over again next Tuesday with the rest of the Sisters :)

A few nights ago we had a tour with 14 people from all parts of the country. They were part of a tour group going cross country. I just loved being able to visit with them and to share the restoration so simply. Again I was hit with a sense of the LOVE our Heavenly Father has for all of his children. I felt a bit of urgency when inviting them to learn more, this could be the only opportunity in this life that they have to accept the truth! When you feel that much love it breaks your heart when they don't accept, but the JOY felt when they do accept is incredible! 6 of those people wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon.. happy day.

I know the church is true! I am trying my hardest every day to be the daughter of God that my Heavenly Father wants me to be. I know that we are never done growing or progressing spiritually, how incredible is that? I LOVE this time I have to focus on the Christlike attributes and hopefully overcome some weaknesses that I have. I LOVE this work!

I hope that everyone had fun at beautiful Tara and Zachs' wedding yesterday! I had a prayer in my heart all day that everything would go well and that they would feel loved! Which... as far as I have heard they did. When I was walking home at night I was pondering about the reception, wedding, everything I was "missing" and I thought I would suddenly be sad... what was incredible was that I just felt an outpouring of gratitude for my family and for this time on my mission. While it was sad that I couldn't be there, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!

Love you all! Have a beautiful week and find someone to share the Gospel with!! k? k!
-Sister Carly Jo Porter

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