Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now! 3/16/10

Wow!! an incredible week full of such fun experiences. We had even more referral's this week than we have ever had before so our number's keep rising, which means that we are happy happy happy! I love this work!
So some amazing stories this week....

story #1 Becca and Leslie.. we met these 2 ladies at the West Gate and they asked for a tour! They began talking and were excitedly taking pictures of everything and already asking questions. We first brought them to the assembly hall and Leslie said "oh! what is this feeling? I think I'm going to cry". and she did cry throughout the tour! They both felt the spirit right away, I didn't do anything! Isn't that incredible?! Sometimes I forget how strong the spirit is here. These two girls had just met the day before, they both came to SLC to get away from home and to "find themselves". Well.. they found it at Temple Square! Our entire tour they would just keep hugging us and saying that it was amazing and everything was true.. the best was when we took them to the Christus statue. They both just cried and knew that this was were they needed to be. They are so excited to meet missionaries in their own homes so that they could learn more!

story #2 We took the cutest Chinese couple EVER on a tour. They had zero Christian back ground but were very open to everything. They came from China recently to go to grad school in Georgia. I asked them one point if they had ever prayed before and they responded by saying that they didn't know what prayer was. It was so neat to explain so simply the power of prayer, a time when we let our thoughts share how we feel with a higher source, our Heavenly Father. They felt so much peace and were also so excited to learn more. They especially loved that their family could be together forever... something they had never thought of!

story #3 On Sunday we were home for lunch when we got a phone call that we needed to go back to the Square because there were lots of people and not enough sister's. So we left and when we first got there we made our way up to the Christus statue where we found a group of 20 students from a school in Texas and NO sister's in sight. We shared the narration with them and then took them to the other buildings. My favorite was standing in front of the Temple and sharing about our purpose in life and how I especially love going to the temple so I can regain my perspective. I could literally feel the spirit speaking through me, I spake with boldness, love and confidence through the spirit. It was so cool! After my companion shared a powerful witness of the Book of Mormon we invited them to receive one at home and gave them the cards to fill out. Six of them referred!! That is incredible!! One girl afterwards came up to me and said "So you said that you go to the temple to remember your purpose.. well what is our purpose?" Another guy asked "So what do you mean that our families can be together forever?" They were so prepared and so sincere!

The Lord is preparing people for us RIGHT NOW!! Open your eyes to those people around you and let them know what you believe. It is much easier than you think to open your mouths and let the spirit help you know what to say and share. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost, why not put it to use a little bit more?

We also had a few hours to take some tours through the Beehive House last Friday. It was really funny because my companion and I had never served there before! haha she was freaking out and I think I should have been freaking out but I didn't.. we read through the history quickly and then took 4 tours in a row.. it was so busy! Anyway, we took a family of 6 around and they were all adults. They were from the East coast and said that they were very Catholic. At one point I shared a scripture with them about prayer and told them the Brigham Young prayed with his family every night and that our own families should do the same. I then asked "Do you feel that if you prayed together it could help your family?". You would not believe the blank stares that I got! So funny! I just kind of laughed as I told them that I knew it would help their family and I challenged them to begin praying together and for each other.... haha kind of funny!! This is one of the reason's why I love being a missionary, I have the opportunity to really teach families and people that may have never thought of these things before. I can speak boldly and I can promise them blessings if they follow them..

So this week was wonderful! We have 2 weeks left in the transfer and I will continue working to the end. All of the sister's in my district are doing well, they work so hard and they do their best to invite EVERYONE which is what we have been focusing on.

This church is true! Love you all!! Have a fabulous week!

-Sister Carly Jo Porter

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