Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wotishiwa nomai wa Porter shimai des senkyoshi des!!

So last week I put into my companion's planner a sticky that said "TALK MORE!!! " haha and you wouldn't believe how much she is talking more! She is laughing and telling me stories and talking to other sister's. It literally is a miracle, she did not know English when she came! Anyway... I'm so proud.

So last Friday morning we came to the Square at 9AM for our assignment's. We were in the North Visitor's Center when Sister Bank's came in and told us that we needed to take a VIP tour right away! hah I guess that they had forgotten to schedule a tour for the Romanian Ambassador and his wife! So my companion and I were privileged to take them around the square.. along with the 4 body Guard's and church hosting couples :) It was so amazing though! We played the narration for them at the Christus and I felt prompted to ask him how he felt, he told us that he felt very peaceful and that he needs to find what is important in his life and make it more of a priority. So cool!!! My heart was just racing after I asked him and prayed that he wouldn't be offended or something. He was so kind at the end of the tour and thanked us for sharing our light with him! Oh and don't worry... they had a meeting with the First Presidency immediately after our tour :) I almost asked to escort them there.. but withheld myself. hah. It really was such a unique and wonderful experience.

Last Thursday we had our mission tour. Elder Pace of the 70 came and spoke with our mission. He was so incredible! I had the most spiritual experience that I have had since coming on my mission. He spoke to us about sharing the image of Jesus Christ with all the guest's that we meet everyday. He also reminded us that this is no casual message but that we should be overly enthusiastic and excited to share it with everyone whom we meet! My favorite part of his talk was the end when he took us on a journey and at the end he asked us what it will be like to be introduced to our Savior, then for him to introduce us to our Heavenly Father.. then for him to introduce us to our Heavenly Mother. He said that at that moment any doubts concerns or misunderstanding about the beauty of motherhood will vanish away. I had tears just streaking down my face as I thought of what a beautiful incredible moment this will be for each one of us!!!

In D&C 138 Joseph F. Smith shares with the church a vision that he received concerning the Savior's visit to the spirit world. I LOVE this section and it helps remind us that the work is going on there as well!!! Verse 24 it says "Their countenances shone and the radiance from the presence of the Lord rested upon them, and they sang praises unto his holy name". How incredible! I know that we are not in the Lord's presence at this time, but I know that someday we will be introduced to him, I want him to be proud of me and the work I have done on earth. While we are on earth we should follow the counsel given in D&C 101:38 to, "seek the face of the Lord always, that in patience ye may possess your souls, and ye shall have eternal life". We have to keep seeking and never lose the sight of him!

Yesterday we took 3 high school girl's on a tour from Phoenix. They were so curious and had so many question's to ask us. At one point I taught them that we knew our Heavenly Father and our Savior before we came to this earth, we knew about this life and the hard trials we would go through, but we also had a hope that we would endure well so that we could return to their presence. One of the girl's then asked, "If he really loved us, why did we have to forget all of these thing's when we came to earth?" I just simply told her that it was now her choice and her opportunity to seek after him and that if she listened to her heart she would know what the truth was. She then said, "yes, I think you are right". At the end of our tour 2 of the girl's filled out the card and wrote .. everything. Meaning they want to know everything.. so good. The Lord had prepared them to hear our message and now they get to meet the missionaries at home! yay!

On Sunday night we had dinner at 7 but instead of leaving at 6:55 we decided to walk up to the Christus one more time. We saw a couple up there taking pictures. I felt that I should simply go and invite them. I asked the man if he wanted to learn more about the things he had seen and felt here, he said "yes, of course" filled out the card, and left. It is amazing to see that as we pray that the Lord is really sending prepared people to us. Miracles.. miracles... miracles.

Yesterday I had a training with my district about the RC or Referral Center. We talked about using the spirit during this time to share the message of the Gospel with these people who we call. It is very very hard because we may be there for 3 hours and only 6 people answer the phone. Sometimes these people have been called many many times so they get mad and yell at us on the phone.. hah. We always try though to share a message and bring the spirit to them. It is amazing that as we do this, people's heart's are softened and they want to know more about it! I was so excited because our referral's we received in the RC doubled yesterday evening!! hah all the sister's were so excited!!

So everything is going well. The Square is beginning to pick up and get a little more busy. We are anxiously anticipating SPRING!! It is still pretty cold but whenever the sun is out we take our heavy coats off and just love it! The flowers are just beginning to blossom as well... so exciting!

I LOVE my mission!-
- Loves- Sister Porter

3 Nephi 17:7- "for I have compassion upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy".

oh p.s. I got to announce in English last sunday after the Tab Choir! It was fun!!

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